Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm working on a mega city made entirely out of woodcuts. Each print will be able to work on it's own as a unique print. The project incorporates the woodcuts that I've posted on this blog before as well as the ones I am currently working on. The idea is that each print will be able to contribute to a larger collage of prints that combine to make a greater city scape.

set up

These are my two most recent prints that I printed by hand at my neighbors apartment.

seperate symbols

Separate Symbols


Walking Tall


An interesting juxtaposition.


Mega Mountain (so far)


Mega Mountain (detail)
These are some prints to be included with the sprawling city idea that I am currently working on.

a complex decay
A Complex Decay

Finding Space
Finding Space

swallowed etsy
skull canyon

wall rides forever

wall rides forever

Swallowed up in Brooklyn!

Over the last few months I have been working with the Brooklyn hardcore band Swallowed Up. They are putting out an LP soon and doing everything except pressing the vinyl completely DIY. There are going to be 6 different covers for the record nerds of the world and every cover features an original print that I have made.

We recently finished printing all 500 covers.



swallowed up blue

swallowed up green

swallowed up cloud

These five covers are etchings, there are about 225 total that we printed at Pratt over the summer.

I recently went down to stay at the Stolen Sleeves Collective in Brooklyn to print the remaining 275 silkscreened covers.


Flooding the screen for the first color

Swallowed up color one


They have the best setup in their house.


Second color


me printing

swallowed up two colors

Darker blue.


My newest buddy to geek out on prints with, Tamara Santibanez.


Finished product!
We printed well over 300 copies of this image.


The dog of the house, Lucy, always wants to play. I love this dog and play with her as much as I can.


While I was there I also made a new linocut, because quite frankly watching tv serial dramas gets old after a while and you know what they say about idle hands.


Walking around Brooklyn I saw a lot of art on the streets. Here is a sample.


It's nice to see people are excited about something in this country.


I went to my friend Ryan's studio in Dorchester yesterday to do some editioning. He has a Sturgess Etching press that was there when he moved in. With the help of our friend Alex we managed to put it back together, which included lifting a 500 lb solid steel press bed into place.



This is the press.


the first image I printed is called "The Curb Opened; He Was Swallowed Up."


I did an edition of 25 of these prints.


The block broke after I finished printing. I guess if there is a good time to close the edition that would be it.


The second print is called "Finding Space."


I printed 26 of these.

Ryan is a sculptor who graduated from Mass Art. This is some of his work. He uses a lot of food imagery which is at times totally disgusting. He also uses mickey mouse, minnie mouse and popeye in his work a lot of times. It is interesting to see the apporpriation of some of the most common imagery in Boston used in a new way.









I saw this on the floor as I was leaving.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The 12 views of Boston project started this summer when I got a digital camera and needed something to do with it. I recently finished all of the plates and the editioning and these six by six inch etchings. Each set of etchings will be bound into a book and there will be a total of six books.


How I Spent My Last Summer Here

po square

Laying in the Grass of Post Office Square Looking Up

south station

From the Roof of South Station at Night

so many walls on this walk

Too Many Walls On This Walk


The Sidewalks in Boston
(This plate was made by taping a rope to the plate and walking from one side of the city to the other. All of the scratches from the sidewalks made the marks on the plate.)


An Altered Hynes Convention Center

half done

Half Done

franklin st

Riding the Wrong Way Down Franklin Street in a Snow Storm


Border's in Downtown on a Summer Day in the Future

back bay bikes

The Bottom of the Bike Shop Stairs Looking Up.


I spent a Year in Allston

alleys of the bay

Alleys in the Bay