Friday, March 20, 2009

First week in the studio...

I moved into my new studio this week. So far I have spent every day here and it feels great.


The studio itself is 26sq meters.

studio panorama
The view from out my window is great...

This week I have cut and printed 4 blocks. So far my interest in Berlin resides in the contrast between the vacated and abandoned spaces that are so common in the city and the ultra modern/ well preserved buildings that fill in the remaining space in the city.

21cm x 15cm

Lost in the Stacks
26cm x 20cm

day one
Day One
20cm x 26cm

theyre tearing

They're Tearing Up Streets Again
30cm x 19cm

I also created this collage using the above prints as a submission for Free Fridays on the SF art blog Fecal Face


Lost Highway
37cm x 28cm

In other news:

I broke my Ipod yesterday, which is severely disheartening. If anyone wants to salvage my state of mind that mimics the state of my ipod I am accepting donations for a new one or help fixing my existing one. Either scenario would help.

I also got a new bike last week.


It is an Express Werke frame from the 50's with a working dynamo front hub that powers the front wheel. The gear ratio is perfect for how flat Berlin is. It also has a Brooks saddle. I didn't know what all of the Brooks fanatics were talking about until I found myself thinking "damn, my ass feels great!" on my ride to the studio ysterday.

That's all for now.


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